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Daily Lit Deviant - IrrevocableFate

Sat Feb 1, 2014, 10:00 PM

Daily Lit Deviant is an article put out on a daily basis throughout the year that is devoted to showing the work and accomplishments of one writer per article and presenting exemplary pieces of their work. It is based off of bowie-loon123's series of articles of the same name.

Join me in welcoming IrrevocableFate as our Daily Lit Deviant for February 2nd, 2014.
Nominated by amour-raven and WorldWar-Tori


"Stephany is just an awesome person, writer and deviant with her attitude and hard work throughout the community. " says WorldWar-Tori.

Speaking of IrrevocableFate, amour-raven said "I had yet to see anyone so passionate about the literature community until I met Stephany. She is dedicated, kind, and inspirational. From her gregarious manner to her compassionate heart, she always sets aside time to talk to a fellow writer. She provides such informative articles on the literature community and its goings-on and is an essential part of deviantART."

She has hope, and so should you.

What deviants are saying about this piece

There are so many things I wan t to say about this, so I'll just randomly start.

First, this was incredibly brave for you to write something like this. I get very anxious and stressed (because my mother was the type that would randomly explode at me so I always expected the worse) and this just... hit me. I can't even imagine what it's like to have to live through all of that, and then again to write about it. Just like you mentioned, I have also, tucked away those painful memories inside my head (all most so much that I've forgotten much of my childhood) and just... I thought I was the only one, I guess.

Thank you, so much, for writing about something like this. I'm sure you get a lot of comments like this, but I just feel I need to also tell you, thank you. Just by reading this I can tell that you are simply a wonderful person.Calexy

Writing is a exorcism as well as a birth... I know it's done wonders for the things in my past that I wish I could face head-on. Keep at it, dear, and be well. You've got guts.Alizabith

Your words are so... well, I don't really find the good one, captivating perhaps.
PTSD is something I didn't really known before, but your text is something precious, because I think it will make people more aware of this trouble and, I hope, more tolerant and helpful.

I have to thank you very much, because I've learned something importantCyrkael

Written for DFC 2013, When Our Stars collide is an epistolary piece of poetry of the fondest variety.

What deviants are saying about this piece

I really like the idea of in loving we love part of ourselves. that is a beautiful thought.0hgravity

This is gorgeous. I love it's simplicity, focusing only on one image, and how it's brief, but packs a punch.x-Sinister-Chaos-x

It really reminds me of what Carl Sagan used to say, that we're all star stuff. I really love this. It makes me wish there are a special button in addition to favorites, because I would totally use the special button for this.RainbowMonkeh

deviantART loves IrrevocableFate :heart:

To suggest someone to be a Daily Lit Deviant, contact me via note with the person you would like to see featured and two pieces of their work. A few words about the writer and their work are welcomed, but not necessary. You are free to suggest yourself as well— and I encourage you to do so!

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chromeantennae Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I love IrrevocableFate so much. I'm so happy she was featured here. :love:
D'awwwwww. :tighthug: <3
LiliWrites Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I love Stephany so much. :tighthug: Fantastic feature, Nic. :heart:
FuzzyHoser Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
WorldWar-Tori Feb 3, 2014   General Artist
oh lordy :lol:
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