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A Year in Haiku

Sun Jul 20, 2014, 1:02 AM
On July 18th, 2013, Multhaiku was created, and the group quickly became a haven for all kinds of Eastern and minimalist poetry. In a year's time we have:

:bulletgreen: created a successful and thriving twitter account, GenreHaiku, co-managed by myself and hopeburnsblue (she is always looking for pieces to feature, go contact her, go! :eager: ).
:bulletgreen: created a haiku sonnet hybrid and held a contest around the form.
:bulletgreen: participated in our very first HaikuWriMo with a Bingo in February of 2014.

What the group specializes in is minimalist poetry of fictional genres, such as scifaiku and horrorku, just for example. We take pride in this and wanted to showcase just how diverse the gallery is. I understand there is a lot to feast on in this feature, but each piece will not be a burden to your time. Have a look and see if anything catches your eye:

Action and Adventure

Action-ku I (en/fr)Riddick is back
draped with night and
Riddick revient
drapé de nuit et de
*Sail Boat*Albatros sailing
Ocean tossed, storm at sea
Feeling mal-de-mer.
2014 Delice1941
25th April2014
slipping on gravelA light upon white
Mountain tops, shining amongst,
The unknown walkers,
Lost in their own world,
Lost into the worlds nature,
Lost to only each,
White slippery slope,
Which they fall upon softly,
Or with a hard bump.

Concrete, Found and Visual

A Visual Haiku for Dying Passion by RainshadowArtist Cirku - Pumpkinseeds by Nichrysalis :thumb386601496:

dA and Internet Related

Public DomainInternet thunder:
the rumble of an argument
on my Facebook feed.
of deviantARTists and those who browseThey call us users
for a reason, now let me
get my daily fix

Ancient Facebooklone coyote howls
answered by more
primeval social networking


nudge, winkhands solving buttons;
abacus arithmetic
calculating pi(e).
when reduced to simplest terms
reciprocity is best.
Impersonating ElvisDust devil meanders
down a shadowed alleyway,
hips thrust and lip curled.
Haiku No. 10: SerePhysicality -
love in my hands touch on you...
ten times lightning struck !

Family and Humor

Senryu #25a boy digs for gold
finds it plenty and feels rich -
he was nose-picking
PatienceWhat's in mommy's purse?
Keys, lipstick, and hard candy.
I am never bored.
On Love UnconditionalSow your wild oats
and roam;
I'll leave the light on.

Dentists are the DevilMy jaws ache, gums bleed
Flouride, pinching needles, drills
Smile? Why? This is hell!
Quantum Physics resubmitted     Neutrons relocate
     Without appearing to move
     My wife, five foot two,
     Does this every Saturday
     Between supermarket aisles.


Wish You Were HereBrille sur la machine
En prenant un cigare
On aimerait que tu sois là, le diamant fou
Body PartsSherlock has green eyes
(next time store them
in the fridge)
Cupid's bow lips
shoot The Woman down
spaceman spiffspaceman spiff
crash-lands his spaceship
in the class!
that blaring klaxon
is the recess bell.



Life in OrigamiFold, rethink, unfold.
Poetry pearled in paper,
what shape do you take?
Recipe for a WriterLead eyeliner smears;
a collection of carbon;
tears hung on a line.

Prism BoyLoving prism boy
imprisoned in Leaves of Grass.
Sprint, grow, transcend – bound
towards a Jupiter dawn:
your natural liberty.
ShoutAlong the tracks
graffiti abounds;
suburban screams.
Lonely wintersa blizzard of sheets,
diary thrown to the wind as
the snow takes her tomb

Rock's JangleSet of silver keys
Comes along, jingling as
The guitarist strums.
Ritual of the PartygoersUsually past midnight
Empty streets, journey
Streetlights breaking the darkness.
Wanderers, storytellers
We’re invaders of space
Under fluorescent store lights.
Similar to being high;
Remembering how to feel,
Laughter that intoxicates.
Grocery bags with loot –
Stop to lounge on a curb –
New kind of college party,
    avoiding the mainstream.
Lone cars pass as strangers
We’ll inhale cookie dough
Chase down cold sodas
Talk of everything, nothing;
    life with close friends.

Tanka Set 101.
lost amid
this shutdown
in America
all these tanka
with mouths to feed
how lost . . .
early morning
somewhere atop
the trinkets
to fruitful lives
now lost
we toast to memories
of rusted pennies
where is
this looming promise
of change?
    the stray cats at play
    lifeless baby squirrel
so sunny this noon
near Capitol Hill . . .
a man jumps
wades through rivers
of strewn litter
trying hard
to write
compelling tanka . . .
I look at myself
how I've effected change
how does one
a broken gate
with cracked hammers
with planks of tired wood
adorn the piano casing . . .
new blooms at ease
in the cadence
of a lover's hands
country meadow
growing ever longer
each blade
never afraid
of the end of days
atop thunderclouds
I am lost
in early morning
Her hand reaches the cloudsDaydream on the grass, 

Her arm to the purple sky
Quiet sound of wind -
Rêverie dans l'herbe
Son bras vers le ciel violet
Le bruit calme du vent -

Church spire, stretching,
weds the moon.
Slate sky
and a heavy heat;
Embroidered stars—
celestial needlework.
Fairy wrens:
steeds of elven knights,
armoured all in blue.
wet wings,
startled honeybee.
upon orange glass:
a specimen, fossilised
in amber.
Scarred grape,
veined in gold—
White blossoms,
fallen like snowdrops.
Eagle in flight,
great wings cradling
the half-moon.
Pastel sun,
peeking from a soft,
smoky grey duvet.
The world settles;
the heavens awaken—
Black swans:
two arrows in tandem.
sunset’s reflection,
The yellow of an
old book:
crinkled paper moon.
Tangled in old web—
a spider, noosed.
Rough brushstrokes
of a smudged landscape:
Giant’s treasure:
pot of molten gold
along the treetops.
like gemstones,
flinging light.
Remembering and ForgettingDon’t worry ‘bout it.
Eventually everything
cuts into your skin.
Even if it is a metaphor,offering your
sentiments to Aether
will get you nothing.

HAIKUWRIMO 2014February 24
She writes on napkins,
plotting destinies in mind;
she forges their lives.
February 19
"I wasn't joking"
"I don't think of you like that"
"I'm sorry" "Me too".
February 18
Clear, varnished tubing
pierces into his nostrils
Breathe - ahh - Breathe - ahh - Breathe!
February 17
His heart fails / Mine stops
His lungs; cloudy lemonade -
life in the balance.
February 16
I can't sleep, can't write,
lets pretend to drink cocoa
and talk about books.
February 15
An old home crumbles
into the play-away sea
and deletes my past.
February 14
Little white love notes
Taped to the students door frames;
'Happy Friday Friend!'
February 13
To show an older, wiser,
should-know-better soul.
February 12
Worn down and weary,
worn out and sleepy minded;
trying to survive.
February 11
Deserted tea cup,
'I'll be back in the morning',
'Okay Daniel. Bye!'
February 10
Pulverise all of
this destitutional heart
until i
Haiku 31.01I am lonely and
depressed; I long for stars and
Those who seek them too.

Historical and Spiritual

Watchfulchina doll on shelf,
a guardian in silence
her mute protector
HAIKUWRIMO 2014: February 11February 11: History
Terrible acts done
When at peace, "Learn from mistakes."
Repeat soon after
Spiri-ku I (fr/en)Et le vent du désert
sur les rêves qu'essaiment
nos flammes
And so the desert breathes
over dreams
fanned by our flames

Frantz, novembre 2013.

Historyku IVAlexander
lost in the dust of
blank horizons
perdu dans la poussière
des horizons vides
for sai newtonizzy newton was an odd duck...maybe it was that apple to the head.
yes, he was a fellow at trinity college, a professor at cambridge, the president of the royal society and warden and master of the royal mint;
yes, he formulated the laws of motion and universal gravitation;
yes, by doing so he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt the heliocentric nature of our planetary system;
yes, he was credited with the co-invention of infinitesimal calculus...
but he also spent much of his time and energy to, among other things, exploring the mysteries of alchemy and attempting to divine the end date of creation through secret codes in the bible.
not so still waters?
they, too, can run very deep...
freaky-deeky deep.

Horror and Mystery

Cadaverrotten cherry lips,
blisters coat the corpses skin
and embrace it's smile
Senryu #11roars in darkness
acid fills throat

SisterI saw sister...
     A hanging piñata
The Problem With Loving An ArsonistHe arranged for her surprise cremation. AlienLast man sneezed-
He was found.

Mommy DearestHer maternal stare
is sharper than usual -
perhaps it's the fangs.
Horrorku II: the house of terrorThe House of Terror
An empty house -
night marries insects
in cadavers’ bellies
Larvae grows
in the bowels of
the winery
This translucent little
I run but the rotten
With broken legs
we crawl slower
than black spiders
An empty house –
night marries me
while insects devour my eyes
Frantz, august, 3, 2013

Mythology and Folklore

Senryu #8subtle swirls of smoke
depicting dreamy tales
i exhale an elf
MermaidSwimming through the sea
My singing is seductive
I flick my tail.
*Stone Men*World of stone men
Life's vitality frozen
Passion petrified
Looked on with deadly eye
Medusa takes no prisoners.
2013 Delice1941
19th September2013

wishing wellcoin clanks
dehydrated well
wish wasted


~standing on the chair
to see the half-remains of
a pineapple moon.
Nightfall cicadas' lustful chant
shadows the chariot of Helios
stirs the loup garou
Ano oka deあの丘で
Ano oka de
Kami de tsukutta
Hikouki wa
Sakura ni ochita
Sagashiteiru ko
On that hill
A paper-made
Fell in the cherry blossoms
A searching child

HanamiEl cielo de Fukui
como sus pétalos
de rosa se volverá.
Sukai Fukui
Sono hanabira no yō ni
Pinku ga kaettekita.
Beyond appearancesA fire is set up,
to slowly thaw that soft ice;
floods rise from beneath.

Senryu #5no more
string of attachment
a bare breast
Late OctoberOctober rain spills on top of fallen leaves; puddles of water over red, orange and yellow. Glassy pools of color raging in a last flourish of life. The drops are cool on the tongue and refreshing- sending a shiver down my spine as they drip down my neck.
Autumn's rushing wind
Little lakes of brilliant hues
Fields of thriving corn.

MoonbathingNaked moon lounges
in a sky
filled with suds.
LightStreet lamps, neon signs,
Headlights lance Night's velvet side;
Stars stand by, helpless.
The Clouds Never SpokeThe clouds never spoke. Even thunder claps and blinding flashes from a storm without rain in late summer had nothing to do with the lack of words.  Exchanging this brief life for the view of a pinpoint universe in the belief, with that same view blocked from my aspheric vantage, that I was being observed, never suspecting their indifference. Yet for all the muteness in their constant rebirth, I recalled how awestruck the sight of the slow majesty of clouds redefining the summit of a distant range was, than the lidless glare of a day's clear sky sitting featureless on an endless stretch without a single rise.
never to meet
the same cloud twice
in a lifetime,
they never acquire names
the way a strong wind might

Not a dallianceNot a dalliance-
Lissome scintillas blossom,
Become forest fires


Geomorphic HaikusWeathering
Rock starts to weather:
First into cubes and then spheres
Mostly ‘cause water.
Mass Wasting
Mass wasting is huge
Doesn't matter where you live
Sometimes rocks fall down.
Hey, pass that shovel,
Let’s broaden our horizons
Dirt can be so fun.
Canadian Geology
So much mixed gravel
And look at these kettle lakes!
Damn those glaciers, man.
Bitlets 95My head is a lawn.
I pull hair out
like I'm pulling weeds,
treat my scalp with shampoo
like I'm using weedkiller
and the trick to tilling mania
is letting the weed take root.
HaikuAlways seeking Fire
Corrin, his eyes do delight
in formless passion

Senryu #15my jeans fit you--
but put on my shoes
you walk hard roads
Naked in the Cafeteria
in a coffee shop
with my test kit,
too anxious to wait
I pierce a fingertip–-
the bright bead
tossing a used syringe,
follow the dots
needle trails
on the stomach
from my novice tremors
still new at it, yet
I don't bother with
while seeking a new site
for my insulin fix
doctor's orders,
I poke myself so often
it's like
being naked in a
school cafeteria
IdThe question repeats,
“Kelsey, what are you doing?”
I’m dreaming again.

Romance and Drama

will you lock the gate tonight?these words like cattle,
you herd them each evening but
you never listen.
BossyNow get out of my wheelchair,
and come back to bed.
Dream of youI dream of you
only to wake up

Saku sono ki
Harukaze ni mau
Yurumeta te
Dakishime tometa
Sagashitemo muda
This blooming tree
Dancing in the spring wind
The hand I've loosened
Ceased to embrace me
It's futile even if I search for it
Kissing in the Darka sky without stars
summer's moon falls prey to clouds
lips fumble, laughter
Mist. mist hugs the streetlight,
a lover of old who won't
accept 'no' again,
too obsessive, too clingy,
but more devoted than sun.

AmourLearning to love is
like learning a new language
Je ne comprends pas.
behind the doorSchrödinger's tiger
has a lady's gentle mien
and dagger-sharp teeth.
Rare Love Haikua rare love--
the gentle spring blossom
left untouched

TibetI found a poem
caught between your knucklebones
like a prayer flag.

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Harvestsun eclipsed
solar flare windmills
seduclonevats can grow bodies,
but what fills those new vessels?
do we breed monstrosities?
sans a conduit
(a mother's soul calls her child's)
clones remain hi-tech golems.

Cicadas in the HibiscusThe Wasteland
Planet Earth is dead.
The Biospheres are pristine,
bright recollections.
He breaks ships for cash
but has never flown above
the smog and rusting.
They revolve like moons
with a hundred white faces.
Billions look up.
The Garden of Eden
"Let's feed the Earthlings,"
cries a human. She wonders
at speciation.
Extinct flowers bloom.
The day cycle ends and she
watches the dome split.
The constellations
were renamed by the Founders.
She finds Orion.
The Dark Star
He collects spare parts,
amasses a ship in months,
then learns to pilot.
"There's no need for a
license to kill, kill, kill, kill,
the unfortunate."
She sees him coming,
but says nothing. The glass
erupts to soundless.
They watch from the ground
and color televisions.
Some cheer. Some sicken.
"And measures have been
taken to ensure no more
Spheres will be damaged."
The borders tighten.
Someone starves in Coal City.
Planet Earth is dead.
:thumb390112476: SciFaiku1.
Red Planet blue:
datavised memories
before water mining
two moons crest, dueting--
beneath, four hearts
beat as one
fist in the air before the explosion
you sunk my spaceship!
breaking news: holes
no longer just for worms
Arvnark in small moon snarls
like proud Arvnark-
shows full sets of teeth
Yo mama so ugly
she's got no tentacles
new earth
fresh terraforming
same party animals:
elephant, donkey


Sociopolitical and Transgressive

Politi-ku IPolitician protect us from
Sharia lawfully abiding citizens;
false premises make false prophets.
The Free-form Poet's SedokaHow does one conform?
Act how everyone else does,
Never standing out.
Why would one want to?
If we all write the same way
No one is special.
What Great Profit Does Civilization Bring!What Great Profit Does Civilization Bring!
Choking ashes lie –
My skin coated with them like
Scales of the dragon

listen1. I shouldn't have
to explain to you that my body
is perfect just as it is
2. the only thing
that I will ever wax
is poetic
3. women have large breasts
and small breasts and sometimes
no breasts at all
4. I am not defined
solely by my reproductive organs
and my relationship to them
5. if I never hear another
solitary word about my weight ever again
I'll probably die happy
MachineA cog and a wheel
Slowly grinding down her will -
“Know your place, woman!”
Technicolor Lipstick and Bad ActorsDung beetles and dolls,
this dangling thought
dreams the dahlia.
What garbage to lift?
What garbage to grind?
Our tongues arouse Hollywood eyes.


Also, go send admin Jade-Pandora some love for her DD today on Paradigm Shift :clap:

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