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Nic Swaner
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Artist's Statement 10/25/2011

Nic Swaner is a studying graphic designer, and a budding young writer whose concepts and syntax require a rush of blood and breath to the lungs. For inspiration he need not look far from the cyclopean sun, feel the displacement before the epilepsy, synthesize some synesthesia, or recall the origami folds his hands have memorized throughout the years.

Nic is almost entirely self-taught in the ways of writing and in doing so has created a style all his own. His medium is mainly through poetry, short stories and articles for websites; he excels in portraying his thoughts and ideas in a world of complex and harmonious verbiage. He is always whittling away at several works of writing that will be submitted to free publishers or magazines. Nic will always be happy to edit and critique your writing, whether it's poetry or prose. Contact him at

Nic is currently studying graphic design and the fundamentals of art. He has always emphasized the power of concept over complexity, and have maximized color and composition to their utmost potential. He prefers to work with photomanipulations and typography to portray his concepts. He is always open to critique from his peers. Other artistic endeavors from Nic include folding origami, film photography, darkroom artwork such as photograms, and music production.


Nic lives in Chicago, Illinois, but his hometown is Robinson, Illinois. He likes Progressive Rock and Underground Rap music. Marcus J. Ranum is his most adored photographer. Samurai Jack is his favorite cartoon character along with Ed, Edd, and Eddy. His favorite ice cream flavor is French Vanilla. He has a mild form of sound to color synesthesia for melodies and believes the song Echoes by Pink Floyd is green.

"The world is only as old as the person to whom you speak." - Nic Swaner



Wed May 4, 2016, 12:29 AM by Nichrysalis:iconnichrysalis:
Recently, I gathered the paperwork to start a club at my community college. A slam poetry team I want to have meet on Mondays-Wednesdays. I don't know why, but I have an itch to perform poetry that I haven't done since I participated in Louder Than a Bomb in 2007. When I told the student worker what kind of club it was, the other student in the office perked up. Something about his face just lit up and it piqued my curiosity. I was dealing with the other student in going over how and what to do, and I came to find out that the other student had been passionately involved in a speech team in high school. I left feeling positive and hopeful for the club being founded. As I was getting to the stairs, the other student worker yelled me down, like actually chased after me like he had a eureka! moment after I left. He offered a few resources for founding such a club, but then something magical happened. He gave me the contact info for an organization and tells me to ask for the "Adam, he was in this poetry slam documentary, he and the people there can help you organize things." To which I said, "Gottlieb. Yes, I've met him, I competed in Louder Than a Bomb with him." I should note, with him is used very loosely here, you're against everyone in the solo tournament, and I made one appearance and then anxiety took hold and froze me from going.

But this was such an uplifting moment for me, because it just made this kid, probably still in his teens (for reference, I'm 23 now and feel old), light up and and it's very rare my writing is looked up to in real life, because I mostly expose it to others via online interactions. It gave me a sense of pride I haven't felt in a long time because it wasn't necessarily for my writing, but for my literary accomplishments. And for those who have no idea why this Adam Gottlieb guy is a big deal, one of the main poets focused on in the Louder Than a Bomb film was him. I actually met him in 2014 too and got a hug too!

Nour-Elaine has even written a piece inspired by the above poem. Adam is an inspiringly outspoken individual and it's interesting how my life keeps bringing me closer and closer to his realm. To be seen as "woah, this guy's the real deal" by that student worker was very validating and a proud moment for me, even if indirectly. I think I'm going places. I don't want to go to the top, I'm afraid of heights.

ALSO, I've become somewhat... SWAMPED with real life priorities. There are still prizes to give out for Prompt Chaos and pieces to judge to find winners, but doing so does take some considerable time. While dA is a great community I love giving back to, I do need to focus on these priorities before I commit some time to wrapping up this event. In the meantime, just hang tight. I am busy for the next two weeks, but I will likely have a few moments of sit-down time to devote to going through the last week of entries. But I can't promise any deadlines. Real life always takes priority.


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On the preceding play, with only six seconds left in the game, Green Bay was at its own 24-yard line. Green Bay completed a number of lateral passes until a penalty was called on Detroit Lions defender Devin Taylor for pulling Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers' face mask. Following the penalty, the Packers were awarded one last untimed play after the game clock had reached zero. After calling the play, all Packers' receivers ran towards the end zone and Aaron Rodgers broke right and threw a 61-yard (56 m) Hail Mary pass into the end zone. Tight end Richard Rodgers caught the pass, resulting in the Packers winning 27–23. QB Aaron Rodger's throw was so high that it nearly hit the rafters at Ford Field.


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