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These are fine examples of what literature is crafted to be. Take heed and take notice of their nuances and anatomy, for they are thunderbolts among this word-drenched thunderstorm.

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Nic Swaner
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Artist's Statement 10/25/2011

Nic Swaner is a studying graphic designer, and a budding young writer whose concepts and syntax require a rush of blood and breath to the lungs. For inspiration he need not look far from the cyclopean sun, feel the displacement before the epilepsy, synthesize some synesthesia, or recall the origami folds his hands have memorized throughout the years.

Nic is almost entirely self-taught in the ways of writing and in doing so has created a style all his own. His medium is mainly through poetry, short stories and articles for websites; he excels in portraying his thoughts and ideas in a world of complex and harmonious verbiage. He is always whittling away at several works of writing that will be submitted to free publishers or magazines. Nic will always be happy to edit and critique your writing, whether it's poetry or prose. Contact him at

Nic is currently studying graphic design and the fundamentals of art. He has always emphasized the power of concept over complexity, and have maximized color and composition to their utmost potential. He prefers to work with photomanipulations and typography to portray his concepts. He is always open to critique from his peers. Other artistic endeavors from Nic include folding origami, film photography, darkroom artwork such as photograms, and music production.


Nic lives in Chicago, Illinois, but his hometown is Robinson, Illinois. He likes Progressive Rock and Underground Rap music. Marcus J. Ranum is his most adored photographer. Samurai Jack is his favorite cartoon character along with Ed, Edd, and Eddy. His favorite ice cream flavor is French Vanilla. He has a mild form of sound to color synesthesia for melodies and believes the song Echoes by Pink Floyd is green.

"The world is only as old as the person to whom you speak." - Nic Swaner

This is a (sequel) journal skin that is a specifically for the purpose of showcasing literature features with a focus on cleanliness, readability, soft colors, and appeal. It will be a free journal skin for all to use and modify according to their wishes. This journal post is so I can get feedback on how it looks. BUT! I'd also like to take the time to recognize those who have had similar projects to one of my own. :meow: Also also, leave a comment with a title you think fits the journal. I'm clueless what to name it.

Is like a butterfly:
And difficult to capture,
But wondrous
For the short moment
When you cup it in your hands.
AuroralMelissa's got
The Northern Lights
In her eyes.

Bitlet 09 - heavyI am heavy as a feather landing
atop fresh snow, as the first rain
of winter -- carrying expectation
of difficulty.  Hands like anvils,
feet like anchors: I feel glued
to the earth. I am a rock, wishing
it could grow a comet's tail.
life:sum of its parts, or greater?

Nook and Crannies 1The clock read 3:33 AM and I chuckle at how
insignificantly amusing this is.
In the back of my mind, lays you.
You wander about in my subconscious and
I'm miffed all over again.
Why won't you just admit you're wrong?
Nook and Crannies 2What's on my mind?
I am at the cusp of a new beginning and
I fear that my best will prove inadequate.
I want to show the world around me that
misfortune stops nothing; certainly not me.
I refuse to be like the people who use their mishaps
as their definition. I can't be cloaked by this.
Everything I have ever wanted and the person
I strive to be, is within reach.
And I can't wait to get there.

Bitlets 2when a kid doesn’t know
if you’re a girl or a boy,
you answer with an answer
that doesn’t always match
your gender identity
they hear it
and move on
move on with them
Bitlets 4knowing someone might show up
when you don't want them to
means looking around everywhere,
is she there? was that her? what if I see her?
it's funny that when you care about someone,
you do the same thing:
was that her? is she there? when will I see her?

Bitlet 2Did I choose right?
Maybe something else could have been better
But what else is there?
I’m realistic and I know
that words on paper won’t get me anywhere
…but will numbers on worksheets?
I dunno
I just want to read all day
Bitlet 6I want to be a protagonist
a book, movie, or anime character
A tragic end is fine with me
I just want to know my life is going somewhere

Thoughts - 11/2/121.
Qué será será
is an attitude
I ought to adopt;
what ifs
tend to drown me
faster than water
He fills me
in more ways than one.
The perfect date:
spaghetti and sex,
wine optional.
If stars are gone
by the time we
see their light,
what other aspects
of Existence
are no more than
Memory #002: Snowball FightSnow days in Georgia were rare, and rarer still were the kind where we’d be let out of school early.  We all wore socks on our hands, claimed countries, and forged alliances.  You’d think we were small children, but I’d recently turned 17.  While Leah and Natalie waited to ambush us, Raven and I retreated from the battlefield, snowflakes clinging to our clothes and hair.  Raven was newest to the group, but there was something about her I was immediately and inexplicably drawn to.  I told her things I’d never told another soul as we explored the neighborhood.  We traded secrets that condensed and floated in the cold night air and decided to just stop being flightless humans for a while.

Tim McGrawTim McGraw warbles about love
in the background;
highlights leave trails
on telephone wires
as clouds chase sleep from the sky.
Dust MoleculesWe made love
to Jane Austen
and Edgar Allan Poe
in a secondhand bookstore,
a close-shaved tabby
lurking over our heads
like a spy
for the damned
and illiterate,
the dust
kicking up allergies
as bony fingers
dug senselessly
into tattered spines.

Kernels 5Those who ridicule a critical nature
Are laughing in mirrors.
Kernels 3“The more I play with it, the bigger the hole gets”
Says a friend.
So become some friendships.

(The person who started it all!)

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Bitlets are about quantity, not quality. Free-write at least one a day about what is on your mind, going on around you, or the state of your life. Ignore the urge to edit; it's not about being profound on purpose, it's about stumbling on it by accident.

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  • I am a list with an ampersand icon.

I don't believe in sitting down.

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